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Organisation Name: Phakama Africa Community Projects

Bank Name: Nedbank

Account type: Current Account

Account Number: 1139150464

Branch Code: 198341

Branch Name: Westgate Mall


After twelve years of working in the community, including AIDS counseling and ministry in schools and churches, Thandeka Mavundla-Nzama has seen many people and communities whose needs have not been met. Phakama Africa Community Projects was established in 2014 with the expanded vision of reaching and enriching the lives of all members of African communities. Please listen to Thandeka's message in the video at the left (click the YouTube icon to view larger).


Phakama Africa Community Projects empowers, transforms and equips individuals and communities to reach their fullest potential. Our focus is to influence individuals, thereby enriching the community and ultimately impacting Africa.

Sabelo, an African student following the Reach4Life program.TESTIMONIAL

My name is Sabelo. I'm 16 and in grade 10. The Reach4Life lunch break groups are becoming popular in our school. We get to talk about anything, God, family issues, sex, dating and all. I never saw sex in God's point of view. I just thought sleeping around is cool, TV stars are doing it all the time. But in our group we discussed sex as created by God; therefore I need to abide with God's rules for sex if I really want the best benefits of this gift. So I have decided to stop fooling around and wait. I'm confident about my decision because I am surrounded by other young people who have decided to wait. Thank you Reach4Life for coming to my school, our break times are exciting and our lives will never be the same.


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